VIP Days with Dawn

Get Unstuck and Create a Life of Ease and Joy
Pampering, Clarity and Breakthroughs

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Are you ready to push through limits that are holding you back and create new avenues of creativity and transformative energy?

Would you like to get unstuck and do the things you've always wanted to do?

What if you could do that AND pamper yourself at the same time?

After spending a VIP Day with Dawn, you will

Your transformative, journey will be an in-person experience at the Awareness Center in Cocoa Village, Florida.

Here's a sample of what your day can be:

Your day will begin with a relaxing energetic Facelift followed by exploration session for finding the root of your limitations.


Clearing session to release what was uncovered in the morning’s exploration and open up and explore the possibilities for creating more joy and ease in your life.

Followed by a relaxation session and Aromatherapy

Ending with a closing, meditative session and tips for keeping the momentum of the session going.

Then, 7 days later, we will do a follow-up session to see how you are doing!


I have only a few VIP openings per month!!

Will you join me?

Will you invest in yourself?

Personal investment: $1095

Email or call me for details and we will start creating your experience today!

Dawn C. Meyer at 321-261-5975 or


Services available for your personally customized day include: